Thursday, December 2, 2010

Indigenous studies....

Today was a great reminder for teachers to KNOW YOUR RESOURCES!! 
I think it is so important for teacher's to be in touch with their school and community! There are SO MANY DIFFERENT RESOURCES OUT THERE, you just have to find them. I think it would be a fantastic idea to hear about YOUR favourite school resources. My favourite? The Librarian! I am an English teacher and the school Librarian know so much stuff and has a lot of helpful information about both current and classic novels. Furthermore, they often have supplies like graphic diagrams and so on. What/who is YOUR favourite resource??

In our seminar class we are suppose to get a book ready with a few lesson plans/seating plans/etc. I think having a list of your school and community resources would be a great thing to have.
For instance:
A list of names/Emails of the Principal/Vice Principals, and Counsellors.
The head of the career and personal planning unit, the school social worker, the sheriff in that community etc.

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