Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 kinds of teachers...

1. The ______ Teacher: This teacher is hopelessly in love with their subject area. They are experts. They know everything there is to know about their subject. They are passionate about their subject and their goal is to get their students to be just as passionate as they are, or at the least, more interested in the topic. TOCing is their worse nightmare because they are thrown in to classrooms where they may not know the subject area very well.

2. The Teacher: This teacher is dedicated to teaching. Give them a subject and they will teach it to the best of their ability. They get excited about every new day because it brings a new challenge. Their goal is the same for both them and their students: To learn something new every day. TOCing is exactly what they love: a new class, a new subject, a new day.

I am definitely #2.
What do you think? What kind of teacher are YOU?


  1. Interesting analysis. I'm like teacher #2.

  2. Definitely Teacher #2 too..I think to survive in Victoria these days you have to be.

    If you like challenges you should really throw yourself out there once you get some practice-- try up north or a developing country. You'll learn everything new every day. :)