Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inquiry Project

Today I presented my Inquiry project in class.
I was really happy with what I came up with but I didn't get much feedback from my classmates. Maybe they didn't understand what the characters were saying, maybe they weren't interested in the topic as much as I am, maybe it answered enough questions. I'm not really sure but I'm glad I did it. I also just uploaded it as an artifact to my Eportfolio and I think it is an excellent article to show that I know some things about ethics when it comes to teaching.

I am very glad I did the project because I read through the School Act and Education Act and learned a lot. Also, I spent a long time reading about why different teacher's were fired or had their licenses suspended.
The only thing I wasn't happy with is that I had already made a webpage demonstrating what I had learned but I thought the video would be a much funner way to show what I had learned instead of just reading off my website like I would have done. However, this might have made it harder for my classmates to understand what was going on/being said because they do not have it out in writing in front of him. I am wondering if I should supply the interview answers I received from local Principal's and Vice Principals as well as the info I took out of the School and Education Acts.....

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