Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ask and yee shal receive!

So today I met with phil about my placement....
A) I am going to Parkland for my 5 week (almost positive)
B) I am going to more of an 'inner city' school for my 8 week (So excited!)
C) I am going to try to teach a Planning 10 class during my 8 week practicum, meaning that I will be doing 4 classes a day, 100% of my course load! WOW!
D) During my 5 week my plan is to do 2 classes of English, and then 2 weeks in Spanish, 2 weeks of psychology and 1 week of planning 10.

Craziness! I am so excited for all of this stuff and I am just about to work on my Plan Book for my seminar class! Life is G-O-O-D!

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  1. That's great! Sounds like a good variety of subjects too.