Saturday, November 27, 2010

You can do it!

Today, I am so proud of my student Sam. He has just finished reading his first English book! He has been in Canada for going on 3 years now and has never once finished an entire novel on his own! I am so proud of him! YAY!

Also, I have to admit I can't believe I haven't burnt out yet. It is amazing what you can do when you know you don't have any time... In case you weren't all aware this is what I do right now, and this is what I will be doing next semester:

This semester:
6 classes
I teach 2-1 hour hula hooping classes per week
I tutor 4 students, 3 for 1 hour and 1 for 2 hours
I work at London Drugs Part Time

Next semester:
7 classes (1 starts when the others end in april)
Teach 2-1 hour hula hooping classes per week
Tutor 5 students, 3 for 1 hour and 2 for 2 hours per week
Work at LD part time

Holy moly! Well, I just can't give anything up! I love all four SOOOO much!! However, I will be taking time off at LD during April/May when I will be doing my 5 week practicum.

I just love tutoring because it is a great way to get experience, see what kind of homework teachers are dishing out, and know what NOT to give for homework/hear from students about what they like/don't like about class! And of course, I love teaching so that's always a lot of fun :)

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