Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can I handle it?

September is going to be a big month: school wise, work wise, and teaching wise.
I have taken on 5 students, all of which are ESL students.
I have one male grade 6 student and one male grade 10 student.
I also have a female grade 7 student, grade 9 student and grade 12 student.
This should prove to be challenging! I have signed my self up for 1 semester with each student and then will decide if I can take on the same amount for next semester. Otherwise, I will have to slim things down a little.
Also, I am teaching a Hula Hooping class on Friday and Saturdays at Camosun College! I am really excited about this and it will help me to keep fit over the winter!

Yesterday I had my orientation at UVic for the Education program and it was really enspiring. One of the guest speakers talked about 'wellness' and how important it is to be well (not just fit). I hope that I have not taken on too much this semester but won't know until I try it out!
Good luck to me and everyone else in the program! It will sure be a fun ride!

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