Friday, September 10, 2010

Nobody's perfect...

So... in one of my classes we had to write something to the instructor and I (inevitably) wrote the wrong word for two different things. Board vs. Bored. and heard vs. heard. Then I was told "You want to be perfect in front of your students."

Is it wrong that I don't agree?
Yes. I too feel that it is important that my students have a strong role model and understand the difference between THE SAME WORDS that are SPELT DIFFERENTLY (Thank god for the English language, right?). But, I also feel that it is NOT important that we should be PERFECT in front of our students! Yes, I understand, that it might be hard for us to gain the trust and recognition of our students if they know that we, also, make some spelling/grammar mistakes. But, I also feel that it is important to our students for them to understand that NOBODY IS PERFECT, even their INSTRUCTORS! And that sometimes perfection is not always obtainable! And that it is OK to mess up from time to time and to learn from OTHER PEOPLE (as well as your own mistakes) no matter what your age, degree level, experience level etc.! I feel, that it is important to teach my students that "No, I am NOT perfect, and that I CAN learn from them as well as they can learn from me!"
What do you think??

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