Friday, June 11, 2010

A chat with the boss...

Yesterday I had a chat with my boss about teaching. He suggested, when trying to teach, try to start with 'why' we do something the way we do (at my work). Or at least make sure to include it in the training. That way, people are less likely to think that I am a 'know it all' even though all I'm trying to do is help and make things easier on everyone. He also suggested I praise often (which I already knew).

For as long as I can remember, I have had trouble addressing people when trying to train. At least as a teacher, I am in the position that they are the student and I am the teacher. However, at work, some people don't see me as the teacher (even though I am the in store trainer) so they get offended when I try to help them. I like to blame it on my 'man voice' but I also know that I have a very direct approach (no beating around the bush here). So far in life, I feel that has worked for me, instead of sugar coating things, telling people what I expect and why I expect it. I intend on keeping on that front but have definitely worked on my 'tact' when it comes to addressing things to co-workers as I am NOT their teacher and they may feel offended when a younger person is telling them a better way of doing what they are doing. As my manager said, "it doesn't matter HOW they do it as long as it gets done" which of course, doesn't happen nearly enough which is WHY i teach people different ways. It is hard for me to see people struggling with something and not being able to help them. But I also understand that being a good teacher, is some times letting them figure it out on their own. My job, is to make sure they have plenty of opportunities to figure things out on their own instead of just assuming they will figure it out later in life.

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