Monday, June 27, 2011

Summary of What I learned...

At the beginning of today's class we discussed the main things we got out of this program.

My top 5 are:
1. Telling students why they are doing what they are doing. Link it back to a main idea. In English, my two main ideas are: Understanding Perception (yours, and of others) and how it effects people and everyday life, Learning how to appropriately express yourself so that others can clearly understand and respect your opinion/thoughts.
2. Pre-Assessment: Making sure students are ready to learn what you are about to teach. Perhaps it is a review of last class or an activity that introduces the new topic in a fun and engaging way.
3. Letting students be in charge of their own learning: Whether it is giving them a choice between projects/assignments or if you allow top students to be in charge of their own homework. Another way to do this is to think/pair/share and allow students to teach each other/discuss the important ideas. This allows students to hear and learn things in a new way, a way that might actually be more applicable to them and their everyday life. That is what I most enjoyed about this summer institute--the time we were given to share our thoughts.
4. Anchoring Activities: Always have something for students to work on when they are done their work! This was something I had not prepared in the past and am hoping to be able to do so in my practicum. This anchoring activity should not just be 'extra work' but maybe something fun and applicable or a think/pair/share preparation activity.
5. Be A Leader: Don't be a manager but a leader. Lead by example. Be firm, but fair. Be orderly-flexible in your teaching styles. Have rules, follow through with them, but also allow some flexibility when appropriate.

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