Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Response to DI and UDL Assignment #2

DI Assignment:

I was disappointed in the mark I received on my DI assignment. I honestly thought I took a sub-par Lesson plan and was able to make it in to, what I thought, a very diversified lesson. The one thing I will say, is that I accidentally said I was tiering by readiness when, in fact, I meant ability. The ironic part is, is that my presentation was on the difference between ability and readiness and I was quite aware of the difference and yet I accidentally used the wrong one. This was a big error on my part and I wish I had been able to see that before I submitted the assignment. I also had a Power Point Presentation that went along with my Lesson Plan that I should have handed in as well so that Ruthanne could see what I was describing in my lesson plan.

Creating the DI Lesson plan really helped me to see how important it is to think of all students when you are creating a lesson plan. Each student should feel welcomed and safe and feel as though they belong; because they do. It also helped me to see my Lesson Plan in a holistic way, the beginning middle and end, as well as, making sure to have assessment and an anchoring activity included throughout the lesson. I did mention one anchoring activity when groups were done but I forgot to mention what they would be doing while students were writing their ideas on the board. Having multiple anchoring activities is a great way to keep students focused and the noise level to a minimum.

UDL Assignment #2:
In this assignment, Andrew and I incorporated a student by the name of Melissa in to my Assignment #1 Lesson Plan. Creating this assignment made me realize how important it is to look at every aspect of teaching in a new and different way. It made me more aware of how I am conveying new ideas and information and how important it is to be aware of the learning styles and needs of my students. It made me realize that I need to take a more comprehensive look at my classroom dynamics during my upcoming practicum. This can be done during the first few days when I hand out a questionnaire to the class about how they like to learn, what they consider their strengths and weaknesses in learning, etc.

Also, the UDL assignment really made me look deeper in to how to provide multiple means of representation, action and expression and engagement. It also taught me not to be overwhelmed with all the different aspects of each category but to try to incorporate some aspect of each category in to each lesson. 

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