Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inquiry Project....

For my Seminar class we have to have an Inquiry project and then present it to the class. I thought I had one great idea but now I have a new great idea.... which one would YOU be interested in hearing about?

A) Student Responsibility and lack there of. How can we encourage our students to hand things in on time? Show up for class on time? Or even just get them to show up to class? Are teachers being to lenient? Are parents not teaching their kids responsibility? Or are we asking too much of our students?

B) Teachers outside of school. What do you do if you run in to a student at a 3 day music festival and they are obviously inebriated? Maybe they even need some assistance? What if you work at a bar and a student sees you there? What is and isn't appropriate for teachers to do outside of the class room... This is something I've always wondered about. What if you are at a BBQ and some school aged students you don't know come and one girl is passing out because she is so drunk? Should you leave? Do you help?

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