Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm frustrated. That's right. I'm frustrated. With YOU. My fellow Soon to be teachers.

Here's why......

During almost every class we are asked to have a presenter for our group. And time and time again I am the ONLY ONE who volunteers. What I don't understand is that YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BE TEACHERS which means YOU HAVE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THE CLASS AND TALK ALL DAY EVERY DAY.... so PLEASE tell me why you are so afraid to talk in front of your peers? And how that is any different than talking in front of 30 judging/angry teenage kids?? Kids that you actually have to TEACH and ENGAGE and it actually MATTERS if they are listening to you??

I could name three other people who are always presenting: Kristy (hope I spelt it right), Aaron and Natasha... That's it! I would LOVE to hear the rest of you SPEAK UP!! PLEASE!! It's good practice and if you can't do it now than how do you expect to be able to do it in front of teenagers who are going to make your life a living hell if you can't do it properly!

Anyways... that is my rant and I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS! PLEASE! SPEAK UP!
Mary (the loud one)

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  1. I wonder if people are hesitant to speak because this is the first opportunity for many of your colleagues to speak in front of others in a format outside a traditional formal presentation that has been prepared independently.