Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Powerpoint Succeeds!

So I showed my grade 7/9 students the power point as well and it was great! They really enjoyed having something to look at and I felt they were more confident in trying to answer the questions they were reading than if they just had me to look at. When the two of us are just looking at each other they feel the pressure to answer correctly or answer right away so they don't even try. Therefore, if I give them something to look at (like a computer screen) they are more likely to take their time, stare at the screen, and are less likely to feel my eyes on them (feel pressured). I will try to continue using powerpoint presentations for my tutoring sessions and see how it works out.

Also, I have my observation placement: Parkland Secondary School!!
I am really excited and I see that they teach Psychology 11 so I am going to try to meet the Psych teachers, as well as the counsellors, Spanish teachers, Math 9 teachers and, of course, the English teachers!

Another good thing about Parkland is that it is in the same school district as my old high school (District 63) so it might help to make teacher connections in the same school district so I can try to get on the teacher on call list in that area!

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