Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First day! AWESOME!!!

Oh my gosh my first day was awesome!
It was quite a Fluke but as I was waiting outside one of the classrooms a friend of a friend happened to be teaching at Parkland! It was great to see her and during the staff meeting after school she introduced me to one of the teachers I really wanted to meet and sit in on! Fantastic!

So block A:

We just did a school tour

Block B: I sat in on a Grade 9 Intro to Math class which was great to watch because the kids were all excited about getting their immunization shots and because me and Jocelyn were sitting in on the class.

Block C: I sat in on a Spanish class and learned about two media programs! 1. Xtranormal 2. Pixton. I thought it was a fabulous idea for teaching secondary languages because you can make dialogue and hear the characters speak it or you can make little cartoons!
She also suggested I check out Prezi and Blogster.... so I'll have to do that sometime!

Oh and the best part? Is that she invited me to teach her Spanish 9 class for a week when we do our 5 week practicum! SWEET! I sure hope I get in to this school!

Block D: I sat in on my friends class and we watched the last bit of the movie Titanic. During this class I realized that all the classrooms had projectors set up for media which is great!

Then after school we stuck around for a staff meeting and I met one of the teachers that teaches English and Theatre and I have set up a whole day with her tomorrow as well as one block with another teacher that my friend suggested.

I think I am going to ask them to introduce me to the other teacher I am interested in watching so that I can set up my Thursday!

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