Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Issues in schools....

The one thing that really got to me about the high school I went to, was something that probably happens across all the schools. I also see the same problem at my work:

-Coming to class unprepared (missing books, writing materials etc.)
-Not handing in assignments

I think I am going to do my assignment for my seminar class on this topic.
I have found that 'a lot of young people to day' seem to disregard time restraints and the importance of being on time.
It frustrates me so much that young people at my work are always absent from work or late.
Are teachers being too lenient on due dates? Do they have any power over it? What can I do as a teacher to make sure my students are handing things in on time?


  1. I have learned a few techniques for punishing late or unprepared students. I'm not sure how they would go over in Canadian schools. When students are late I make them stand up at the back of the class and make them face the wall for 5 minutes. If they come without a pen or notebook they have to do 10 squats. Also, they hate staying after class, so detention is good.

  2. Yah i'm not sure how making them stand at the back wall will work on grade 9-12 students.... they are almost grown ups and shouldn't be treated like children.

    I have herd of teachers making students do pushups though!