Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday FunDay? How to keep students engaged on Fridays.

So I've been reading a lot. I've been trying to follow other teacher's blogs and get some ideas and here is one I came up with:
Friday Fun Day!
For those of you also teaching high school you will know that many of them have shorter days on Fridays and it is hard to get students to focus on a task. Therefore, for my next classes, I am going to spend Fridays with my students discussing the weeks teachings. Here are some ideas:

1. Round table check in: How is everyone doing? What was stressful about this week? How did you deal with it? What is one thing you learned in general?
2. Topic Review: Ask each student to write/share one thing they learned in this class on the board. No students are allowed to pass on this!
3. Fill in the gaps: Here is the teacher's chance to go over any PLOs that were not written on the board by the students and to have a discussion around the topics that students did not list.
4. Game/Clips: Students get to play a review game of some type (Jeopardy, Vocab games, whatever you can come up with.) OR Movie Clips that touch on interesting subjects (TED Talks, TV shows, etc.)
5. You could even require students to be in charge of the game/clips to be shown on Friday! This gets them thinking outside of the class.
6. Discussions: You could have a hot topic related to your subject that students can debate/discuss in class. Again these could be given out in advanced or be required for students to run on Fridays making each student responsible for their own learning. 

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