Monday, June 20, 2011

Differentiation and Devices

I have been really interested in learning all about the assistive technology because my Aunt has severe Autism, in that, she is non verbal and easily gets frustrated. I have been in contact with my granny about the things we have seen in class and today we saw a lot of great objects which could help my aunt connect with other students. I have also been keeping in mind "Jimmy" and so far I haven't seen too much that could help him other than some of the computer programs. Jimmy and Trent actually used Inspiration to create our characterization map for one of the projects which was pretty neat to see. However, what they were able to do was very limited as compared to other students which was definitely a draw back when it comes to technology.

Cindi told us a story about a boy who holds auditions for the voice of his assistive technology and I thought this was a fantastic idea! Now here is a perfect way to get him to interact with other students and for others to interact with him! I absolutely loved that idea and would never have thought of it without hearing her story.

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