Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Continued... Learning Outcomes and Me

ED-D 425
What I Will Learn Response

1. Evidence is in Assignment #1 and #2
2. This is something I somewhat understood before taking this course, but the UDL outline really helped me to see the different aspects that I must take in to account when I am teaching students with diverse needs. Specifically, I learned a lot in this course about different types of technology that are available for all different kinds of students with disabilities. I was able to see the different technologies and think about people that I know and how these new technologies could help them. For example, there were multiple ATs that could help my Aunty converse with others, as well as, help my past students to learn how to express themselves or help them to read and write.
3. One of the big things we learned about this is that, contrary to American Law, the Canadian Government does not have any laws about AT and supplying it to students in need.
4. There are many different terms and applications of assistive technologies in classrooms. One thing to remember, is that not all AT is high-tech and expensive. Instead, there are many items that are considered low-tech and do not cost a lot. Furthermore, some tools  can be leant out so that the student/family does not have to pay a large fee to use it. Some other terms would be mid-tech, low incidence, and high incidence.
5. I am aware of many different barriers that are experienced by students who have LD. Some of them are physical, emotional or/and intellectual. There may also be a language barrier  that needs to be considered when helping students with LD, as well as, cultural differences.
6. My knowledge of this is most evident in Assignment #2.
7. This is something that I believe I've already touched on in my Blog posts. Many students don't feel included in the learning environment because they have to deal with barriers such as communication issues. Sometimes students do not feel safe participating in class and that is why establishing a safe learning environment is so important. Also, students may have the knowledge that is requested of them but they may have difficulty expressing themselves, that is why it is important to have a range of activities and assignments that students can choose from so that they can pick which best suites their communication style and strengths. Also, AT can help to break down these barriers by helping them to read, write and/or present information clearly. Furthermore, AT can help students to understand information better by being interactive.
8. In this course I was able to become familiar with many different types of AT. For example, I was able to explore Kurzweil, Inspiration, Co-Writer, Clicker 5 and Clicker Paint. Furthermore, I was introduced to the use of switches and things like Brix, Go Talks, Super-talker, Ablenet, Smart 2 (which I could see working for my Aunt Kathy), and much more.
9. Refer to #8 for my response to this question.

Taking this course taught me to have high expectations for each of my students and to make sure they have all the assistance they need in order to meet those expectations. It also taught me about the array of AT that is out there that I can help find for my students. It also taught me how important it is to be aware of the following when planning my future lessons: Representation, the action and expression that is involved in that lesson and how engaging the lesson is. If I am able to take all of these in to account, then I should have resourceful, knowledgeable learners, Strategic, goal-directed learners and Purposeful, motivated learners, who could ask for anything more?

The UDL principles:
1. To Support recognition learning, provide multiple, flexible methods of presentation
2. To support strategic learning, provide multiple, flexible methods of expression and apprenticeship.
3. To Support affective learning, provide multiple, flexible options for engagement. 

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