Saturday, January 29, 2011

So I found a bunch of old writing I did in grade 12 (2002)

And one of the things included 'tips for being a good teacher', so here it is people, straight from the teenage mouth:

ü      When a student is talking to another student, make both students stand up and tell the class what the topic was, (Teacher was talking about). If either student don't know what the teacher was saying get another student to fill them in (while still standing). <- This idea will some what embarrass the students who were talking by making them stand up and perhaps look foolish if they have no idea what the teacher was talking about. But if they DO know what the teacher was talking about then there is no point in punishing them for not paying attention. I as a student know that it is possible to do two things at once, and as a teacher my only goal is to make sure the students are listening.
ü      If  lesson is going to consist of mostly the teacher 'lecturing' the class then a 5 minute 'talking session' should be issued before or after the lesson is taught. If the block is a 'work block' (or consists of partner working) then no 'talking session' should be issued.
ü      Let students work in two's, three's, four's ect. in work blocks. But if the students to fail to keep the sound level down to a minimum, make them work up to the privilege again.
ü      Let kids earn marbles (when they are good), and when 100 is reached, a field trip is planned.
ü      Never tell students to 'shut up' it shows your anger weakness
ü      Point out the good things a class/student does more often then bad
ü      If a bad mark is given, always let the student know what to improve on and why mark was given.
ü      Always let student know what he/she is in trouble for, never punish a student for simply being 'annoying'
ü      Give bonus marks if a teachers mistake is found
ü      Never tell students exactly what you expect from them, then they know how to push your buttons
ü      Never jump to conclusions if a problem occurs (I.E. 'John stop talking to Sarah'…)
ü      Never blame just one person if two people are talking or 'causing a ruckus'
ü      Talk slowly when angry and DO NOT YELL
ü      Complement class work
ü      When average marks are high, let the class know and compliment them, perhaps a treat

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