Thursday, November 18, 2010

School today...

In my first class we discussed poetry in the classroom. One thing I brought up was how some students look TOO DEEPLY in to poems so I believe it is important for English teachers to explain that, in most poems, there is a story and a deeper meaning. So, like our Prof said, first talk about the story THEN talk about the meaning so that students can see these two important factors.

In psych class we talked about classroom management. This is something I have thought about a lot and so I thought I would share those thoughts with you. Also, remember, I WAS that bad student (in middle school I always talked out and in high school I didn't care).

- Have a row of empty desks at the front, if students are late, they must sit in those seats during class instead of their assigned seats
- always have an assigned seating plan unless you have an AWESOME class
- Write out rules that have been collaborated in class, ask students to sign it, and ask them to tape it to the front of their binder or put it at the front of their binder so it can be easily referred to
- Don't be accusative when talking to students, instead of asking them to stay on task or get to work, instead, ask them what they are working on, how far they have gotten, if they need any help. When I was on my observation there were two students who the teacher said were the 'bad' students. They were talking a lot during their work and not doing their project but as soon as I went over there and talked to them and seemed generally interested in them and what they were doing they were on task. Also, like Lucinda said today, compliment the good work they ARE doing to try to encourage them to stay on task.
- Names! If someone is talking just look at them and if they don't notice you staring then say their name quickly, or the good ol 'do you agree Mary'?? That way it really gets their attention, I know it always works on me!

Anyways, those are some things that really worked for me and that I really thought would work in my classroom! Take what you will!

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