Monday, September 27, 2010

I need to find a book about a skateboarder....

So, what is a good book about skateboarding or a skateboarder for a grade 4-6 level reader!???

So today I met my second set of students. Three family members. The Grade 6 boy is a very poor reader and I really want to work on his reading/writing skills so I want to find a good book about a skateboarder as he has a ton of skateboarding paraphernalia in his room! That being said, how do I find such a thing? I searched Amazon, google and the Greater Victoria Public Library website for the words 'skateboarding books' etc. but I couldn't find anything appropriate.

The grade 7 girl is super keen and so far has done really well on my testing. I'm not too sure what we are going to work on but we are probably going to start a book report or something.

The grade 9 sister is not so keen, in fact, I was pretty sure she did not want to be tutored. However, I will have to find something engaging enough for her to read (which I know from experience is hard because I don't love reading). She also is not doing any English this semester at school so she won't have any homework for us to work on...therefore I have to have a lesson plan ready for each 'class'.

I hate to say it but I kind of want to just get work books to go through for each of them... but how boring is that? Super boring... I'm not really sure what I am going to do or how to teach just one student at a time. Everything we have been learning in school so far is about teaching a whole class which seems almost easier because you have so many students to participate and it takes up much more time than 60 minutes one on one with a student.

Hmm.... what have I gotten myself into!!!


  1. Why don't you post your skateboard question to #teacher-librarian on Twitter and see if anyone responds? Or tweet @cmt1 from Edmonton and see if she knows of a book with skateboarding content. and (

  2. I couldn't find anyone by the name of cmt1 when i searched... and there was nothing really listed on the teacher-librarian website. Oh well, hopefully I'll hear back ??

  3. Hi Mary,

    Check out